Solution Examples

GooSync is an on-line service that provides synchronization between mobile devices and Google calendar and contacts. The user interface comes in the form of an on-line account. The user creates an account at: and configures their device; They are then ready to synchronize their calendar event and contact data between their device and Google account.

AbacusSync synchronizes a user’s data between their mobile device and their AbacusLaw account. AbacusLaw is law firm practice management software; this is installed on the network of each law firm. Setting up AbacusSync is handled by each system administrator directly from the AbacusLaw control panel, so the AbacusSync user and account interface has been built directly into AbacusLaw offering a seamless sync solution.

MoveMyContacts allows a user to synchronize their entire address book from one mobile device to another. Accounts are setup at: via the on-line user interface. Both devices are then configured and can be synchronized with the MoveMyContacts on-line address book and each other.