How it Works

Toffa offer bespoke integration with any software, service or solution. This can be a web/cloud based service or a privately hosted solution on an internal network. Integration is designed and tailored to each individual product.

The Toffa solution consists of our core synchronization engine 'SyncWiseLive'. This has powered some of the worlds leading synchronization solutions and is the culmination of over our 15 years experience. It's been tried and tested by millions of users world wide and continues the evolve today. The other 2 components are the bespoke connector and interface to each specific solution.

Our solutions connect to almost any mobile phone, smart-phone and PDA. These include but are not limited to the iPhones, Android platform, Blackberry devices, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and many Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG phones and devices. We also support many other platforms, offering the widest device support available from a single solution.

To gain a better understanding of how our solutions work, please see some examples of our intergrated solutions here.